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Challah Baking

Learn about the women’s special mitzvah of Baking Challah. Use your baking talents to create the most delicious and beautifully braided Challos. Try out a verity of Challah recipes as well as different braiding techniques.

Bring your beautiful homemade Challos to a nursing home, hospital or homebound person to enhance their Shabbat (and of course keep some for your family too)!


Shabbat Candles

Learn about the women’s special mitzvah of lighting Shabbat Candles. Use your artistic flair to create different and exotic candle sticks, wax candles as well as glass and wick holders.

Share your creations with home bound people to enhance their Shabbat.



Learn about the beauty of Shabbat. Use your artistic talents to create a Shabbat set for an organization that gives out Kits for people spending Shabbat in the hospital. Hand paint a beautiful Kiddish Cup, Create a challah cover and carve a wooden challah board.

Finish the project off by spending a Shabbat with your Big Sister and doing a paint nite of a shabbat scene to keep as a reminder of your project.


Learn to feel for our brothers and sisters in Israel.
Help victims of terrorism in Israel through the Koby Mandell Foundation. Write letters and send emails to a child who has lost a relative through terrorism. Send packages of age appropriate toys, clothing or crafts that you have made for them. Let them know that you care.


Random acts of chesed

Learn about the real way to do kindness for others. Use your sensitive and caring personality to make a difference in people's lives. Decorate a scrapbook to keep track of the acts of kindness that you do. You will have the opportunity to visit a nursing home while developing a relationship with one specific person and make a real difference in their life.

Learn about the proper way to give charity without embarrassing the recipient Pack food packages for an organization that distributes to the poor.

Learn about the mitzvah of Bikur Cholim-visiting the sick while visiting hospitals and homebound people...do a fundraising event to buy them gifts and personally distribute them. Be part of planning and running a carnival for Chai Life Line's sibling program. The person whose life will be changed the most from this program will be your own.

The Traveling Happiness Theater

Using your singing, dancing, instrument playing or acting talents to be part of a performance for homebound people. Create your own scenery and collect your own props to create a traveling theater that will bring happiness (can be done with a group of friends)


Learn about the proper way to give charity. Use your creative and industrious side to fundraise by putting together "fundraising parties" for your friends where they can bring gently used toys or clothing..

Have a coat drive in your neighborhood..
the opportunities are endless...


Bikur Cholim

Learn about the mitzvah of visiting the sick. Use your creative side and sewing talents to knit and sew kids size blankets and pillows for ill children.

Organize a toy/stuffed animal drive..visit different hospitals..get creative with costumes and excitement as you present your gifts and bring light into these children's lives.



Learn about what it means to keep kosher. Find out what kosher symbols look like by touring different supermarkets and finding various kosher symbols on products.

Use your cooking talents by preparing a kosher dairy, meat and parve meal. Bring your kosher meals to someone lonely or homebound to cheer them up.

See how kosher is kept on a large scale by volunteering in Jewish school's kitchen. Design your own Kosher Chef hat, apron and oven mitts.

Now you're a pro!



Learn about prayer and what it really means. Decorate and personalize siddurim to give out to friends and family. Visit some old historic synagogues. Create a craft of some kind to donate to a synagogue.

Spend Shabbat with your mentor and her family and go to synagogue together to get the real experience of being apart of the services.


Each project is subject to change

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